Legal Consultancy


Legal Consultancy

Our legal department will assist you in the establishment of your company, the increase of its capital, appointing directors, the possible transfer of your company, or simply in the holding of a regular and rigorous legal secretariat work.

Majer consulting helps investors to choose the most convenient legal form according to the type of activity, the size of the structure, the number of Shareholders or partners and the level of risk they are prepared to take.

Our firm performs the drafting of the articles of association, the shareholders’ agreement, and the specific clauses according to the needs of the partners.

AUDINEX takes care of all administrative formalities in order to accomplish the registration at the trade register, to get tax identification numbers and social security number. We are also able to retrieve all official corporate documents from official registries.

The legal forms provided by Moroccan law are:
  • Joint Stock Company (SA);
  • Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS);
  • Limited Liability Company (SARL);
  • Limited Stock Partnerships (SCA);
  • Real Estate Company (SCI).
  • AUDINEX can also be in charge of formalities related to the transformation of the form of the company. The firm provide in particular the writing of legal acts and their execution with competent authorities, or still the mandate of the commissioner of transformation.
    AUDINEX can take care of the corporate law and company secretarial requirements of our customers including mainly :
  • Appointment of CIO,
  • Managing Directors and Directors of the Board;
  • delegations of powers;
  • Transfer of head office and modification of the company name;
  • Opening and winding up of offices;
  • Approval of the annual accounts, etc.
  • AUDINEX legal team provides the following key Company Law services related to operations on capital (capital increase, capital decrease) and restructuring operations (merger, contribution to a corporation, dissolution and liquidation…).
    Our goal is to help you insure a relevant and global advisory whether you are a buyer or a seller, through the following services:
  • Evaluation of company (Allowance of the acquisition price and the evaluation of the goodwill) according to the usual methods (patrimonial method, method of the comparable ones, the method of the multiple ones of EBITDA, and or method of Discounted Cash Flows;
  • Risk assessment and opportunities of the targeted transaction;
  • Assistance to the negotiations up to the finalization of the transaction;
  • Coordination the financial aspects review included in the legal documents such as the acquisition contracts;
  • Writing of acts, included shareholders’ pacts, assets and liabilities guarantees;
  • Execution of acts with the administrations;
  • Legal, accounting and fiscal due diligence.
  • AUDINEX can advise its clients about legal aspects in connection with staff management policy (preparing employment contracts, dismissal procedure…).

    For clients who hire foreign employees, under expatriate and secondment contracts, we are able to take over the entire administrative procedure related to this recruitment, getting the certificate of work from the ANAPEC, the Contract of Foreign Worker and/or the residency permit.

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